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Welcome and thank you for checking out our Taos Heart & Soul Renewal Retreat and top-of-the-line offering.

If you’re a high-ranking woman in your industry – i.e. a soulpreneur, therapist, coach, academic, supervisor, team-lead, executive director, or CEO ­– who’s running on empty, mindlessly jumping through hoops, and feeling blah and disconnected from your authentic self and Big Why, read on.

We love empowering sensitive high-level professional women who feel overwhelmed, drained, and lost by replenishing their bodies and true nature, restoring their heart compass, and reprioritizing their joy, vitality, and impact.

The last three decades, I, Loraine Van Tuyl, have helped countless phenomenal wise souls, professional empaths, and remarkable women get back on track and lead fulfilling lives with the guidance I offered them as a licensed clinical psychologist, shamanic eco psychologist, Depth Hypnosis practictioner, author, online course teacher, or in-person retreat guide. 

After learning how so many of you ended up losing your way and neglecting your needs and dreams without meaning to, my dear soul sistar, Claudia Castillo Holley, Rapid Transformation Therapist, hypnotherapist, mind/body nutrition professional & chef, and I, decided to join forces and create an invigorating, one-stop, life-pivoting retreat in Taos, inspired by both of our personal journeys and professional experiences as highly sensitive, purpose-driven professional women. 

The comprehensive and immersive Heart and Soul Renewal Retreat that we designed is 100% informed by our keen understanding how to fully replenish, reinstate, and reboot your best self and innate biofeedback system at the deepest levels. 

Our root soulutions are able to pierce through preoccupied minds and our culture’s ceiling on soul healing. They will reconnect you to your own brilliant biofeedback system and true nature through powerful body wisdom activations, equine therapy, eco shamanic practices, nourishing meals and sacred rituals involving SOUL* food, LECHE DE GAIA and FULL MOON ceremonies, nature hikes, being in reciprocal relationship with the elements and spirits of the land, sound and drum healing, spirit-guided creative expression, sensual embodiment, and everything under the sun that will gently shine warmth and light on your freshly sown renewal seeds.

If you feel a tug to partake in this offering and fully renew and restore yourself – not only by healing sabotaging trauma patterns but by powerfully reactivating your innate heart compass and natural biofeedback system once and for all with the most delicious assortment of activities, practices, and experiences – let’s talk (email Loraine at!

Much love,

Loraine and Claudia

*Seasonal Organic Unrefined and Local


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