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rapid transformational hypnotherapy mindset coaching

Break Free from the Past
Rise up to New Heights

Fuel your Transformation

 I help conscious, driven women
heal the hidden wounds that hold them back
and soar to new heights of joy and success
in their bodies, career and in their lives


Anita McCombs, Bountiful UT


Oren Whiteley, Lincoln CA




Heli Montgomery Dunn, Georgia USA


C Ruiz, Canada

Cultivate a powerful, positive mindset today,
aligned with your greatest aspirations.

Find out how Rapid Transformational Therapy® can help

Is this for you? --->
To find out!

Imagine a moment of ultimate revelation.

A revolutionary discovery that propels you forward. 

A game-changing realization that shatters old paradigms, unveiling the true you.

Leading you to:

~Embody self love, self worth and prioritize your needs

~Embrace the unknown with confidence

~Turn your mind into your ally

~Silence negativity and become your own advocate

~Embrace all of you unapologetically

~Thrive through midlife shifts

This is such a transformative journey, where you'll experience pivotal moments and breakthroughs, as you are guided to milestone achievements that will completely reshape your life.


I am here to help you unlock the life you deserve

It begins by embracing uncertainty, confronting lack of self-belief,

and facing all the tough emotions without resistance, such as paralyzing fear,

unresolved anger, deep sadness and negative body image,
because they hold the key to your transformation.

I will guide you through it all quickly and efficiently

so you can reclaim yourself, your strength, your purpose,

and unleash your boundless potential in body, mind and spirit.


Together, we'll forge a powerful path towards growth, resilience

and authentic self-empowerment.


Yes, I understand about wild midlife changes, health concerns, relationship struggles, career turmoil, financial hardships and so much more...

Just remember that, regardless of what you are experiencing right now

there is nothing wrong with you

This transformative journey is not about fixing flaws, it's about guiding you to rewrite your story and embrace a new, empowered narrative

by uncovering the root cause of the issues, then interrupting those outdated patterns of thoughts and beliefs, and finally doing a full reset and upgrade of your mindset.  Then, it will be obvious to you that  

everything is right with you


Prepare to witness the power of your greatest breakthrough 

unlocking new horizons of possibility and unleashing your true potential. Together, let's embark on this extraordinary path of

Personal Growth & Transformation


I am Claudia, your alchemist of change,

Rapid Transformational Therapist®,

Cognitive Hypnotherapist,

Mind Body Nutrition Professional

and WFPB Conscious Chef

A passionate creator of endless

possibilities, a master of turning

chaos into triumph.

YES, I have been in your shoes walking

a similar painful path.

(read my story here)

but I conquered many hidden destructive

patterns that were keeping me stuck,


through my proven and tested

transformational programs.

Let's embark on this empowering

journey together, to unlock your true

potential and get you on your path to

create your desired reality.

Are you ready to experience profound transformation?


Or read the details of my best programs below

Choose from 4 or 12 weeks to get you

from Inner Chaos to Your Greatest Self

rapid transformational hypnotherapy mindset coaching
  • From destructive shame to feeling empowered by your journey and who you are becoming

  • From self loathing to self compassion, self praise and self love 

  • From emotional rollercoaster to phenomenal coping skills

  • From debilitating midlife changes to birthing the Wise Sage You

  • From paralyzing fears to full trust in yourself and your birthright to a fulfilling life

  • From body shame to body love, deeply honored to be in your precious body

  • From wanting to curl up and disappear, to being truly excited about life

A 12-week AWEkening journey to help you eradicate what’s been hijacking your life, so you can quantum leap into 



My programs are based on the powerful and effective Rapid Transformational Therapy® method. With your chosen package, you'll receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire program in between sessions.  


What happens during a Rapid Transformational Therapy® session?

  1. I help you uncover the root cause of your issue, quickly and efficiently, using hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, CBT, NLP and my 15+ years as a health and wellness professional.

  2. Once we identify the root cause, I guide you through a transformative journey, where you realize that outdated perceptions no longer serve you. Letting go becomes effortless, allowing you to reclaim your truth, clearing the way for new beliefs aligned with your authentic self.

  3. You receive a personalized hypnotic audio, recorded during the last part of your session, which you listen to for at least 21 days after the session.This is critical to help you reinforce the rewiring of neural pathways in the brain.

During the 21 days post-session, you receive invaluable support through success soul-aligned mindset coaching, to stay accountable and on track during the rewiring process.

Buckle up friend, be ready to wow yourself and your world over and over again!!

Here is what your Total Breakthrough Packages include:

  • 1 Evaluation call to map out your transformational journey

  • 1 Pre-session relaxation recording, to prepare you for your first RTT® session

  • Either 1 or 3 RTT® sessions, once per month, to take you straight to the root of the issue, to reframe it and transform it

  • Either 1 or 3 Personalized transformation recordings, one per RTT® session, to listen to for at least 21 days post session

  • Check-in & coaching calls post RTT® sessions to support mindset rewiring and provide additional tools as needed, depending on package

  • 1 Total Breakthrough Celebration Call at the end of the program

  • Email support available 24/7

  • Claudia* as your guide and cheerleader advocating for your transformation

Ready to quantum leap into your best life?
Let's find out if this is the right journey for you

Curious about my story? read it here

*Claudia is the Alchemist of Change. A true powerhouse in her field. As an RTT® Rapid Transformational Therapist®, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Mind Body Nutrition Professional, and a WFPS Chef, she possesses a unique blend of skills that empower her clients to achieve long-lasting remarkable transformations quickly and efficiently.

Beyond her professional credentials, Claudia is a mama to a phenomenal young woman, a best-selling author, an artist, musician, an animal lover, food whisperer and steward of our Earth home Pachamama.  With deep reverence for honoring each soul's unique light, for the healing of Humanity and our planet Earth, she carries a profound sense of service and an unwavering commitment to the Highest and Greater Good.

Claudia's passion lies in guiding powerful and driven sensitive individuals through the challenges of the human life experience, to help them break free from stagnation, overcome agonizing mental blocks, and provide effective solutions that align with their heart and soul. With a mindful and uplifting approach, Claudia empowers her clients to step into their next level of full potential, and create lives of joy, purpose, and fulfillment, so they can soar free.

When you work with Claudia, you can expect a compassionate and supportive partnership, where she will hold space for your transformation and help you navigate through the rough patches with grace and resilience. Her dedication to your growth and well-being is unwavering, as she walks alongside you on your journey towards profound change.

Experience the magic of Claudia's alchemical nature as she guides you towards a life of liberation and empowerment. Together, you will unlock the doors to your inner potential and embrace the extraordinary possibilities that await you.

My dedication to your transformation is essential for me

The work we do together involves a dedicated supportive space just for you

I work closely with only a handful of clients at a time, who are ready to commit and dive deep into their best transformation

If this program resonates and you

are done with missing out on your precious life, it would be my privilege
to embark on this fascinating journey with you

To your Total Breakthrough!  



Rapid transformational hypnotherapy mindset coaching

Ready to leave the Hot Mess behind? let's do it!


Click here for the complete clients' stories

-Debilitating Menopausal Depression-


"I finally have my beautiful life back, in every way imaginable.


For a whole year life had become unbearable. I knew that self-harm

was imminent.  Claudia was able to help my situation within just a few days

of our first session! I didn’t expect to see such immediate and magical results.

 She makes every interaction with her unbelievably easy and pain free.


My only regret is not seeing Claudia sooner.

She has my eternal gratitude."

Susanne Hartwell, SC USA

-Career Issues-


"...I honestly didn’t expect to see results so quickly, and was greatly surprised when all the negative feelings and physical symptoms were GONE.  Just amazing!  

After working with Claudia, I don't feel nervous at all,

I'm excited about my job.

I simply DO IT! my voice comes out naturally, clear, soft, it's just amazing!  I'm relaxed, my hands are dry and cool.


I was impressed by Claudia's way of leading the sessions. The result was extraordinary! Hypnosis is changing my life, it's FREEING. It’s just something you really have to try. 


Thank you Claudia!"


C. Ruiz, Canada

-Severe inability to concentrate-

"...RTT works!

I 'm delighted that the specific internal changes I wanted to make

happened instantaneously, and have been lasting. 

The troubled, unproductive, repetitive thought cycles have simply stopped, evaporated, naturally and easily.   I feel back in balance again, cheerful and full of hope.  I sleep soundly, and wake up with a renewed sense of purpose and eagerness.

At my job, I am working with a brisk efficiency again and with greater precision,

having my accustomed highly productive state. 

When I am driving, I am alert and aware.

When I am studying, I am engrossed by my lessons, and highly focused. 

Claudia served me with a nurturing, caring efficiency,

I would absolutely recommend her as a therapist"


Heli Montgomery Dunn, Georgia USA

-Feeling Invisible, Anxiety and Disconnection-


"...I found the experience to be phenomenal, incredibly enlightening.

Since the session I have been much more comfortable "being seen".  I will be eternally grateful that I was able to experience RTT under Claudia's expert guidance, I had not experienced such a powerful and effective result in traditional Hypnotherapy.


Claudia created a personalized hypnosis recording that continues to support me on a daily basis.  Each time I listen to it I feel that I grow more and the positive aspects are more deeply embedded in my subconscious, benefiting my every day life! 


Thank you Claudia!"


Anita McCombs, UT USA

Procrastination/Time Management

"MINDSET is EVERYTHING! Nothing has changed in my life - I still have much to do, as usual, but the heaviness is gone.  Claudia helped me reframe my "heavy have-to" lists with "grateful get-to" lists.  All that life requires is no longer so daunting.  I now do what I need to do with a mindset of privilege, honor and choice. 

I didn't expect the clarity gleaned in all aspects of my life and I'm greatly surprised that I'm not only more present and attentive to tasks at hand but to the people around me as well. 

With just one session, I am extremely happy with my results, my issue is resolved and I highly recommend Claudia and RTT. She is profoundly professional and communicative, supportive, motivating and true.

Thank you for making my life easier and being so wonderful Claudia!"


Phobia of Needles

“The trip was a success, thanks to Claudia!

My fear of needles was keeping me from getting necessary vaccinations,

and being able to go on a Mexico mission trip.

I didn’t expect to be so easily swayed into being accepting of needles,

without a panic attack, but  

I have completely overcome my fear,

like a very heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

I recommend Claudia to anyone struggling with a phobia. She is a great therapist!"

Oren Whiteley, Lincoln CA

-Unexplained Troubling Skin Rash-


"The rash hasn't come back!  and I also find that

I’m more connected to my inner voice and emotions.


With Claudia I felt safe right away, her voice is calm and I felt guided and comfortable opening up.  She is very professional and because of that I could go deep in our session straight into the underlying cause of the skin rash that I had for years,

never knowing when it would show up.


She helped me find the root of it and remove it.  I made the connection between trauma and my skin. I know what bothered me subconsciously"

Marjia, Denmark

You too can take control of your life story, starting right now

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