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My Story

I grew up in rural Venezuela during the late 60s, filled with magic, rainbows and pure joy. The youngest of five, in a highly academic family. I was a hyper creative, very perceptive, precocious little girl. I taught myself to read and devoured every book I could find.  Music and art became some of my greatest passions, and I excelled at both. I started my first business in 4th grade. School was a joy for me, and I thrived academically.  

However, as I grew older, something began to shift within myself.  I started to feel off in my once-magical inner world. It felt wrong, unaccepted, worthless...


I started to believe that if something that was so real and wonderful for me had no value to others, then I must be the one who's wrong.



This shameful perception of myself led me to feel deeply unworthy of love and connection, even doubting my right exist.  Although there was no traumatic event in my childhood, this was hell, and it contributed to a ripple of unfortunate events.

Confused, scared, and desperate, I adopted the strategy of trying to be "better than good" to fit in.  I numbed out and denied my true feelings and my needs, disconnecting from my true nature to hide what I believed to be my inherent flaws.  You see, as children, we are wired to seek connection and avoid rejection. So for me, staying connected to my joy became a threat to staying connected to others. So, the little girl I was then decided that being herself was dangerous, scary, and just plain wrong.  I didn't know it at the time or even as an adult, but these patterns stayed deeply embedded in my subconscious, shaping my entire life.

Despite consciously knowing that I wasn't inherently bad and had gifts to offer, my emotions always overruled any possible logic.


Up until early 2020, it didn't matter whether I had success, love, money, all my needs met, or faced wild challenges on the brink of homelessness as a single mom; I was chronically unhappy, filled with fear and self-loathing either way. It seemed I was destined to carry this burden, but pretend I was ok. 

Until another major breakdown in my life happened a few years ago.  Within one month, I became an empty nester, my mama moved in with me, I experienced financial loss while recovering from a work injury that left me unemployable, lost health insurance, and entered menopause. All through a worldwide pandemic.


I couldn't ignore the wake-up call any longer.

Up until then, over the course of four decades and three divorces, I had unconsciously been validating my "wrongness" time and time again, trying different paths, places and professions. Despite therapy, counseling, personal growth and spiritual journeys, in addition to countless life changes, I still struggled with the belief that I was fundamentally flawed and unworthy of love. 

But then, Rapid Transformational Therapy® appeared in my field. First as a client, then a student and now as a therapist, this life-changing work helped me identify the origins of all the struggles that paralyzed me. This allowed me to shatter those outdated beliefs easily, and reignite my spark, true joy, and inner peace.

Today, I thrive in a newfound relationship with my magical inner world.

I continue to learn to embrace and embody my true nature, voice and light.

I've healed and created a safe, loving space for my inner child, who lives in my world now. The harsh inner chatter has faded away, and I navigate through it efficiently and with self-compassion, as I grow more into myself.

This transformation has allowed me to reclaim my brain capacity, confidence and self-trust, which gives me incredible energy and capacity to continue to heal and create more alignment in life. 

For the past couple of years as an RTT® Therapist, my healed, whole heart and mindset keep growing stronger, embodied at the core of all I am and do in my world, supporting others through my private practice, workshops and retreats. I can confidently say that I have arrived back to mySelf.  

And I know the best years are yet to come!



For the first time in all my adult life

I can honestly say that


not because it's "perfect",

but because

it is an honor to be ME,

creating my own masterpiece of it

as I keep moving forward.


So. This is me, stretching out my hand to you. If you resonate, and are ready to do the work and find resolution quickly, let’s get you towards this outstanding state of being, shall we?


The life that you so desire will inevitably follow you then.  


About Claudia

Claudia is the Alchemist of Change. A true powerhouse in her field. As an RTT® Rapid Transformational Therapist®, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Mind Body Nutrition Professional, and a WFPS Chef, she possesses a unique blend of skills that empower her clients to achieve long-lasting remarkable transformations quickly and efficiently.

Beyond her professional credentials, Claudia is a best-selling author, an artist, musician, an animal lover and food whisperer. With a deep reverence for our home planet Earth, she carries a profound sense of service and an unwavering commitment to the Highest and Greater Good.

Claudia's passion lies in guiding sensitive, powerful, loving, and giving individuals through the challenges of life, to help them break free from stagnation, overcome agonizing mental blocks, and provide effective solutions that align with their heart and soul. With a mindful and uplifting approach, Claudia empowers her clients to step into their full potential and create lives of joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

When you work with Claudia, you can expect a compassionate and supportive partnership, where she will hold space for your transformation and help you navigate through the rough patches with grace and resilience. Her dedication to your growth and well-being is unwavering, as she walks alongside you on your journey towards profound change.

Experience the magic of Claudia's alchemical nature as she guides you towards a life of liberation and empowerment. Together, you will unlock the doors to your inner potential and embrace the extraordinary possibilities that await you.

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