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sáb, 16 mar




Soul-aligned mindset and hypnotherapy support circle for women

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Horario y ubicación

16 mar 2024, 10:00 – 13:00

Livermore, 1601 Railroad Ave Suite F, Livermore, CA 94550, USA

Acerca del evento

Our next circle in the THRIVE series is all about identifing, embracing and trusting the wisdom of your true compass within.

-Do you need support coping with difficult emotions when facing uncertainty?

-Do you long to rediscover your sense of direction, peace and empowerment amidst challenges and the unknown?

-Is your body feeling stagnant and disconnected, needing love and recognition?

-Are you feeling the urge to soar, and be FREE to rise into the highest, most authentic expression of you, but feel stuck in old ways that you know don't serve, but still operate with?

If so, I invite you to join my upcoming 

Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT) group session series


Join one, or all 4 for greater healing momentum.

Series of 4:

Past... Sat 2/24 “Reclaim Your Happiness” Reconnect to and activate your capacity to experience happiness and joy, regardless of circumstances, and navigate difficult emotions with grace and resilience.

UPCOMING!: Sat 3/16 “Upgrade your Inner GPS”. Let's align your inner compass to your heart's desires! This is all about fine tuning your sense of direction, strengthen self trust and clarity when moving through uncertainty.

Sat 4/6 Activate your Body’s Wisdom” for deep connection with your body’s innate intelligence, for body love, delicious energy and self healing flow to be available to you. 

Sat 5/4 “Divine Feminine Mindset” to support the natural evolution of your feminine self, embodied and empowered to lead your journey. 

Sessions are on Saturdays, 3 hrs, 10am - 1pm

Space limited to 12 each session

Some of the benefits you will experience from our special circle:

-Deep and real connection to your true self, with greater and more authentic connection to others.

-More energy & mental capacity to focus on what matters, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

-Go from “what’s wrong with me?!” to “what a thrill to be me”, embracing all of you as you are.

-Trust and follow your inner voice, so you can finally do what you know you’re here to do, and also give yourself grace when you don't.

-Learn to turn your mind into your ally and your body into the walking healing blessing it is.

-Be happier just because, with enough mental and emotional resilience to benefit your life and the life of those around you!

In these transformative circles and hypnotherapy activations, we'll embark on a heart centering mind/body journey to your true happiness, resilience, safety, confidence and so much more, all buried in the subconscious.  You will easily activate, reconnect and re-code upgraded blueprints rooted in your unique truths and gifts.  You will be guided to anchor them into the here and now, in your body, to support your evolutionary journey and thrive through life’s inevitable challenges as the Authority of your human experience. 

Each session includes:

-A safe and nurturing container to be held and supported just as you are.

-Lively discussions on the wisdom of limiting beliefs and difficult emotions, plus tools to rewire and alchemize their energy.

-Powerful immersive techniques from Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) like hypnosis, NLP, CBT and guided imagery, in addition to channeled tapping and activations, for fast and efficient transformation.

-Space to share and gain insights from fellow group members - our healing can go deeper in community!

-Claudia’s intuitive and caring guidance as a group leader and mentor for over 15 years, plus her heavenly wholesome snacks for nourishment, fuel and for embodiment practices!

-Option to a healing hypnosis audio - a secret sauce for ongoing support! channeled and recorded during the RTT® group session, to provide support and anchor the transformation on a daily basis after the event.

Join us on this Rapid Transformational Therapy® series! and take a crucial step towards reclaiming your inner joy, peace, and empowerment, with the support you need to make this your default mental and emotional state of being. 

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today!!

1 session: $55

Addition of a 20-min healing hypnosis, recorded during the session and sent via whatsap: $77

3 sessions: $160

Add the powerful 20-min healing hypnosis, recorded during each session for lasting benefits beyond our in-person circle: $220

NOTE ON HYPNOTHERAPY: hypnosis is a natural state of the mind, however, as with any healing modality, a signed waiver will be required by all participants if you are new to my work. Epileptics are strongly advised not to enter hypnosis, nor is anyone with a diagnosed psychotic illness unless under supervision by a qualified mental health professional, which I am not. 


  • Activate your Body's Wisdom

    RTT Group Session 3

    De 55,00 US$ a 77,00 US$
    Venta finalizada
    • 55,00 US$
      Comisión de servicio: +1,38 US$
    • 77,00 US$
      Comisión de servicio: +1,93 US$
  • Divine Feminine Mindset

    RTT Group Session 4

    De 55,00 US$ a 77,00 US$
    Venta finalizada
    • 55,00 US$
      Comisión de servicio: +1,38 US$
    • 77,00 US$
      Comisión de servicio: +1,93 US$
  • All three sessions

    De 160,00 US$ a 220,00 US$
    Venta finalizada
    • 160,00 US$
      Comisión de servicio: +4,00 US$
    • 220,00 US$
      Comisión de servicio: +5,50 US$


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