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What is RTT®?


Rapid Transformational Therapy® is a simple yet powerful and effective hybrid method, developed over the course of 30 years by world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer.  It utilizes the most effective principles of hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and other powerful, proven techniques to take you straight to the cause of the issues, easily and quickly, to reframe and transform them.  This brings powerful, long lasting healing to the wounds that have contributed to detrimental core beliefs about yourself and life, which unconsciously have run the script of a half-lived life. 

Marisa Peer Claudia Castillo Holley

After following Marisa Peer's teachings for 2 years, and experiencing the profound effects of Rapid Transformational Therapy®, Claudia decided to follow her heart's pull and train as an RTT® Therapist, to be able to provide the same level of transformation to all her clients.  

She finished her training directly with Marisa Peer in the Fall of 2021.  This catapulted her into deeper transformations within herself, personally and professionally, which she passes on to all who she works with.  

Want to learn more about RTT®?
Watch this video for a brief but concise explanation.

The Instant Breakthrough Activation Package
is now "Hypnosis Breakthrough Activation"!

What is it? and how does it compare to an RTT® session?

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