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Are we unconsciously attached to chaos?

If we could harness the massive, powerful energy

we unconsciously allow to go into overthinking,

worry, self doubt and fear of the unknown,

and instead, intentionally redirected it

to build our best self,

and the precious life we long for,

we would be UNSTOPPABLE.

So, why dont we just do it?

Why does it seem so unattainable?

In my 16+ years as a wellness mentor and now hypnotherapist,

I have heard time and again

"I know what to do, I just can't do it"

choose the right food,

disengage from toxic relationships,

finish that important project or task,

stop the addictive behaviour,

start putting myself first,

follow that dream...

Thus creating a cycle of inner chaos

...Why do exceptionally talented

wise and good hearted individuals

sometimes find themselves stuck

in this struggle?

It's because the mind operates

from an old,

unconscious self-perception

that fosters feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt, and inadequacy.

We weren't born with it.

It was created by our younger self

as a way to keep them safe, protected and away from pain - AT THAT TIME. However, that time has long past.

This outdated, obsolete but familiar mindset,

has become an unconscious blueprint for living,

deeply ingrained in the mind and body as a default response,

fueling persistent thought patterns that just don't serve

In other words, we are unconsciously attached to a cycle of

🤯 disempowering self talk (I want to but I can't do it, who am I to..?)

leading to

😓 gloomy feelings and emotions (hopelessness, victimhood, shame, depression, anger)

leading to

🫣 misaligned behaviors and actions (procrastination, poor follow through, lashing out)

leading to

😵‍💫 unfortunate reality (shattered dreams, broken relationships, financial loss, isolation)

leading to

🤯 validation of the original disempowering thoughts (see?! I can't do it, Im not worth it)

The good news is that if we weren't born with this pattern, we can ditch it!

To break free from this madness and change our life,

we must focus on upgrading the only thing we can ever change and heal:


starting with our thoughts and inner talk.

Take a look at the shift:


🤯 "I want to but I can't, who am I to...?"


😃 "I am a good person and I deserve this! I can totally find a way to make it happen"

leading to

☺️ empowering feelings and emotions (hope, curiosity, worthiness, love, clarity)

leading to

🤨 aligned behaviors and actions (reach out for help, act with kindness, take risks, choose the healthier option)

leading to

😎 better reality (fulfilled goals, safe relationships, flow, collaboration, opportunities)

leading to

🤩 validation of the original uplifting thoughts (Yes!! I can do this, I deserve it, I love it, I can find another way to make more of this happen!)

Mastering this is our place of FREEDOM

In simpler terms,

the energy we put out

remains the same;

what shifts is the framework

through which we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

This framework is what is often

referred to as

subconscious programming.

And it all begins with changing our thoughts.

Do this enough times, as the mind learns by repetition, to make a new groove in the neural pathways, and a new, more empowering default response will be activated.

From here, major changes occur, flood gates open,

the energy output will go

from draining, dense and heavy

to productive, enlivening, vibrant,

leading to an aligned life easily and effortlessly.

This is not about having

"the perfect reality",

but rather meeting life's ebb and flow with a smirk,

and a strong sense of self,

knowing you can conquer anything along the way because







And while in this process of upgrading your default response,

breathe through your humanity dear one,

and be very gentle with yourself... These are intense times. We all go through this, life is always moving forward,

elevating us to grow and know what we are made of.

If you find yourself at the edge of this next level of massive growth,

please remember:

💜 everything is SO right with you 💜 you are incredibly lovable, worthy and valuable 💜 you deserve your new dreams to be fulfilled

💜 something positive will come out of this - and you have the power to direct it

💜 you can tell yourself a better story 💜 you don't have to do this alone

What is one thought pattern you are ready to shift today?

And how will it benefit your life?

Comment below to continue this conversation.

With love and grace, always,


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