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Becoming our own Founding Father

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Today we celebrated Independence Day in the US, where I live,

(fireworks firing as I was typing this, my poor cat!)

Coincidentally, tomorrow is Independence Day in Venezuela,

where I was born and raised.

It's been 22 years since I came to the US,

and in my citizenship process

I became even more proud and honored

to be considered an American.

Picturing our Founding Fathers taking a stand on equality,

believing we are all endowed by our Creator with inherent rights

such as Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I felt a sense of support, connectedness and alignment

I hadn't felt before.

I still get chills...

In contrast, the Venezuelan Declaration of Independence in July 5th 1811,

is primarily based on the victimization and oppression by the Spaniards at the time.

Enough is enough, done and over with that. You're out!

Today I celebrate both nations' arduous battles and incredible courage

to move into the next level of evolution.

On one end, an elevated ideal and strive for justice

on the other, a stand for no more BS. Period.

Different styles, languages and times,

but at the core of both, freedom smashed its way through,

embodied in those who carried that torch back then, full force.

Thank You Forever!!

And now, IT IS OUR TURN.

And yes, we can argue there is zero freedom in my beloved Venezuela,

and controversy strikes the US scenario.

However, no political or social constraints will ever deprive us

of the innate freedom to think and believe that,

what makes us feel totally alive and unstoppable

is not only possible,

it is our birthright.

And it begins with the freedom to believe

in our freedom to BE authentically us.

We all want so much more for ourselves and our legacy,

Do you feel it too?

I strongly believe that this next wave of independence is calling for a higher law,

a level of inner justice and personal responsibility

to let go of outdated conditions, programming and neural networks

that just dont serve.

This is what I call FreedOm of Self

(insert fireworks here!!)

Freed: released, liberated, let go and be free

Om: the essence of creation itself, the union of mind, body and soul

(amongst other powerful interpretations)

of Self: the Higher individual expression of all that is, in this time space reality,

within ourselves, as ourselves, for ourselves and all.

In other words, embodied freedom.

No one can do it but us.

Each and every one of us.

So we each light up the world with our own unique brilliance, fire and expression.

What is longing to be freed and liberated

from your precious inner landscape?

What has been blocking the greatest essence of life itself through you?

Perhaps you can't put a finger on it

but you feel it in your throat, or your chest

your gut, your knees or shoulders,

those aches and pains that never go away,

wanting to scream LET GO.

...GO FOR IT!!

let that sh!t go,

it is safe to let go,

it is safe to let life,

it is safe to be you

it is safe to believe you can do it

and move forward

as your own Founding Father

reclaiming innate freedoms forgotten,

as you declare your own inner independence.

What next level of awesomeness is possible then,

for you, your health, your prosperity, your relationships, your life,

for our legacy?

What can you co-create from here?

Let's do it!

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