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Leaning into 2024, to lean back into the Now

A conversation sparked by the

Full Moon, a chilly Autumn night

and the winds of change

blowing my mind...

Me: Hey 2024,

What you got there?...

I can see you peeking through...

is that new beginnings and juicy possibilities?

2024: ahhh you caught me!

I've got a bag full of them, I can beat Santa any day.

But hold up lovely, you're not there yet.

I wanna introduce you to a dear friend:


She’s the real deal.

Before you and I navigate our 365 days together,

you still have to make it through the hustle and bustle

of tinsel, mistletoe, and Holiday superheroing.

So take a breather, adorable soul,

slow down, give yourself a break

and befriend your new best pal:

the present moment.

Let’s do this together:

Breathe in slowly into the now...

…hold for a precious moment…

Breathe out slowly into the now...


(repeat as desired for maximum benefits)

ME: ...that felt really good... I wanna stay here for a while...

This is way too easy.

How can I stay here forever?

2024: The truth is that the present moment

is with you all the time.

Like water, air, the earth you walk on.

All you have to do is be aware of it,

breathing consciously will do it!

then just surrender to the soothing

and wise no-nonsense it brings you,

where you realize that

all you need, you already have

(if not, I know someone who is eager to help you navigate

inner chaos and relentlessly accelerate your breakthrough.

Her story is quite something!)

Anywho... yes, being with The Present Moment

is that simple,

although not easy to remember.

But practice makes progress.

And every "now" is a new beginning.

So, dear life bringer, love stirrer,

lean back into the many chances you have

to get deep and intimate

with the Present Moment

before you and I meet January 1st.

Lean on her everlasting support.

She’ll help you take care of you,

remind you of who you truly are,

guide you and keep you aligned

to your full body yes’ and no's,

- your true compass -

so you can move forward with clarity and confidence,

and watch the real magic of the Season unfold,

right from within yourself.

She will not only make your life

a journey worth living and sharing,

but you’ll be able to spot

the juicy possibilities

to ignite your genius in the new year...

and ohhhhh do I have some potential for you!!

Ready for the best ride of your life?!

No one can allow this, but you.

Your friend and cheerleader, always

The New Year 2024

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