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The most important words you will ever hear

A while back I decided to add these questions to my client's intake form:

“What do you think is your role in achieving your goal? And how can I best support you?”

I love how this sets the stage for collaboration, co-creation, true partnership, while granting my clients ownership of their own lives. If they haven't already, they begin to recognize their agency and influence in shaping their success, and in making those intentional choices

that best support their goals. And it all really starts with being

super selective and picky

with the words they allow in their minds.

There is true personal power and liberation here. Sit with this for a moment...

...That is right!

The words you say to yourself are the most important words you will ever hear

for several reasons, because self talk shapes beliefs, which influence emotions, impacting behaviour and actions, contributing to a self-fulfilling prophecy that cultivates self-image, self-worth and the ability to grow in the direction of our goals, dreams and desires. Or, in the opposite direction. Or, somewhere nebulous and muddy So, the quality of our inner talk = the quality of our reality

Want a better reality? Align your self talk to the one you'd like instead.

Additionally, the only thing we can ever ever EVER control

is our thoughts, the words we say to ourselves,

our beliefs about anything, our perspectives.

We can not control others' reactions, behaviors, traffic, circumstances


Our true freedom is in how we feel or think about anything


And because our mind LOVES answering questions

we can be smart and strategic about it

and ask questions that will lead to more empowering answers.

For instance... when feeling unable to accomplish a goal,

and you hear yourself think "I will never get it"

Ask yourself:

"What do I need to become, in order to reach my goal?"

"What do I need to believe about myself, to conquer this?"

"How can this be easy (doable, fun, fulfilling, fill-in-the-blank)?"

"What am I ready to let go of, so that I can reach my goal?"

So, going back to my clients intake question,

when asked what our role is in our own healing, the mind automatically either finds an empowering answer that supports positive self-talk ("..I guess I can do this! She (Claudia) believes in me being active in my healing so, maybe I do have what it takes..." etc etc) or at minimum, the it opens up to the invitation with new possibilities, options and ideas that foster personal responsibility and autonomy for our own life. The responses I receive are truly inspiring, although for some it’s not an easy answer. I get really excited to read through them either way and peek into a part of my clients inner world I wouldn't see right away, helping me shape how I show up in their journey back to their sovereignty

and ultimate true freedom.

For instance…

“My role is being my own driving force for change… You can best support me by being who you are!...”

“My role is to trust, be brave, and DO THE WORK! become familiar with my true self/purpose. You can best support me by leading me back to myself…”

“I don't know (what my role is). Maybe you can help me figure it out…”

So, how about you? What do you think is your role in fulfilling your goals? And if I could, how do you think I can best support you? You can be sure I will meet you where you're at, and take you to where you know,

deep within yourself, is the most authentic and real place for YOU. Yours for cultivating the most uplifting inner dialogue, Claudia

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