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The #1 Inner GPS Hack

This year I've taken a deeper dive into the world of Shamanism.  I've enjoyed learning sacred practices to harness the loving energy of our Mother Earth ‘Pachamama’, along with studying Universal Wisdom and the fascinating mystery of human experience within all. 

I find myself feeling that, most of the time, 'I know'. But I don't know exactly what I know or how I know. But I know. Maybe what I know is that I don't need to know?

The inquiry remains and

grows. However the biggest breakthrough I’ve had

hands down is this:

Life is really as effortless, natural, powerful and relevant as a simple breath.

Yesterday I was listening to one of Linda Fitch’s episodes in her 14-day program “Sourcing from the Sacred”, and she was talking about this one hack,


that has been scientifically proven to set the tone for your entire day.  It takes minimal time, makes you more productive, accomplished, happier, confident, improves mood, gives you a sense of knowing, of calm, connects to inner wisdom, increases sexual drive, lowers stress levels, cleanses your mind, keeps you organized, leads to other good habits, and the list goes on…

All of this from research. Pretty amazing and mind blowing, right? She totally got my attention… Can you guess what it is?

I couldn't keep this to myself, so, what is it?

Making your bed first thing in the morning!


YES!! I can totally see it. And now that I know all those benefits, it gets top priority first thing in the a.m.

Then this morning it hit me.  How about we take ‘bed making’ to the next level?

So, this is it my friends: how to make your bed, Claudia style, because, why not?!

🙏🏼Thank your bed! I am super serious… you spend about ⅓ of your life in bed so take a moment to acknowledge how much it supports your awesome self. Besides, sleep is precious healing medicine, along with physical activity, hydration, good nutrition, clean air and soul family. “I love you, I respect you, I thank you, wow you” is in order here in my opinion.

👐🏼As you pull, fold, tuck and fluff, engage your senses. Feel the softness of the blanket, the sheets, the pillows. Look at the colors, the textures.  Imagine that, as you rearrange your bed, you are feeling into your life, straightening and reorganizing what needs it, to get it ready for your best day.

😎Talking about your best day, as you are rearranging your bed and life, imagine the next time you will be in bed after the entire day ahead of you is done. What stories will you be telling yourself about the day you had? What will you be happy to have done? How much wiser, loving, confident, grateful, compassionate, humble, kind to yourself will you want to be when you get back to bed that night? And what do you need to be, do or ask for to make it happen? Visualize all the things you will have gone through, done, created, accomplished, decided, even let go of during the day, exactly as you wish.  Because you can. Anything is possible.  The future is a field of infinite potential, and you get to set the stage for the best outcomes, first, within yourself. 

🎵And if you want to kick it up a notch, play some tunes to match your moment and maybe do a little dance ;-)

I believe that meeting the simple tasks in life with sacred play and intention, makes our human experience truly magical. So here's an invitation: to take what serves you from this bed making ritual, create your own, and bring it to all the ‘makings’ in life:

love making,

peace making,

impact making,

food making,

money making,

and most importantly during this special time of year,

✨memories making

Then, watch in wonder at how things unfold.

Comment below if this strikes a chord. Let me know what you think!

Ahhh what a year we've had dear friends! Wishing you all the most wonderful Holiday. We need it and deserve it so much. Thank you for being in the world and making it a better place for ALL.

Love and grace, always,



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