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The Hidden Wisdom of Limiting Beliefs

Joe Dispenza has said it so many times, we cant create a new future holding on to thoughts of the past.

Our stories of the past are like the threads that weave our existence together. They carry the weight of our experiences, our dreams and yes, our fears and limitations, making up the tapestry of our identity. Some stories are the fuel to new endeavors, others more like the invisible chains to a past that chokes us and holds us back, often times without our conscious awareness.

All of those stories create a narrative of who we are and what life is about, crafting a reality that takes up residence in our bodies, our relationships, our home, our wallet, at work... But ultimately, we are the writers and storytellers of our existence, and as such we hold the pen and creative power, with full authority to rewrite what no longer serves our desired outcome. Is it really that simple?

There is a particular story I love - not mine! - to illustrate the power of letting go. Once upon a time, there was a contest between the sun and the wind, a test of their subtle powers all set in the heart of this solitary traveler. The challenge was quite simple: to get this traveler to part ways with his faithful jacket.

The wind started first with all its might. It began to blow, howl and roar, tugging at the traveler's jacket like a child wanting a toy. But this traveler, seasoned by the years and stories of life, was no easy pushover. He clung to his jacket as if it held the secrets of the universe. The more the wind howled, the tighter he held on.

The wind, tired and weary gave way to the sun, which didn't shout, didn't demand; it simply beamed his light, shining bright, basking the traveler in its warm embrace. Under the sun's influence, the traveler willingly slipped off his jacket, understanding there was no need for it when, just moments ago, it had served a great purpose.

The sun emerged as the undisputed victor

The idea that this story conveys is that we can't let go of our old stories until we've had our "aha" moment.

We can try, but it wont leave us until we hear what it needs to say. You see, the sun here symbolizes wisdom and understanding. It's only when that metaphorical light bulb goes off in our heads that we can truly free ourselves from the baggage of the past.

So, here we are, in our current world, carrying the threads of our past experiences like that old, well-worn jacket we have outgrown, shaping our beliefs, self-esteem, and our ability to chase our dreams. We hear these stories whisper in the shadows, "You're not really that good" or "You don't deserve this" casting a gloom over our lovability, worthiness and self-trust, creating a Grand Canyon-sized gap between who we (think we) are and who we want to be. Oftentimes the only way to cope is by numbing these harsh voices with substances, people pleasing, overdoing, you name it! which only gives more fuel to the stories.

The tricky thing is how these narratives turn our dreams and desires into rare unicorns we can never catch. We want them, we try with all we’ve got, but deep inside we believe they aren't available, so sabotage and procrastination come to save us from the disappointment of failure. Isn't that crazy? Well, yes and no… This is an old story in action, setting up a series of hidden tripwires that in the past came to be our coping mechanism, helping us stay small, quiet and passive, or anything else that was needed in the moment to contort, survive and stay connected through a perceived difficult situation in our childhood. But today, the thread continues to weave the same outdated coping mechanism, leading to confusion, disappointment and frustration. This becomes a self fulfilling prophecy “See? You don't deserve this, you are not that good…”

Now, wouldn't it be lovely if we could just stop this crazy cycle, and get rid of those stories as easily as that traveler took off his jacket? It may not be as simple as shedding a jacket, but here are some straightforward suggestions to help you rewrite your narrative, and begin creating a life you love to live:

**1. Practice Mindfulness and Self-Reflection:** Start by becoming aware of the stories you're telling yourself in relation to a particular challenge. Take a moment to reflect on the recurrent beliefs about yourself, others and the situation. Allow yourself to observe these stories as they are playing out, without judgment, like a curious detective examining clues, following the trail of “when believe this, then I feel this way, then I behave and act this way, and this causes this type of reality” You can keep a journal to jot down these narratives and how your beliefs impact your reality.

**2. Challenge Your Beliefs:** Once you've identified those old stories, it's time to question their validity. You can ask yourself:

-Are these stories based on facts, or are they simply perceptions of past experiences?

-When was the first time I ever felt this way?

-What did I have to believe about myself then? and why?

-Is that still true today?

Ask yourself whether these narratives serve your present goals and aspirations. Sometimes, just by questioning them, they can begin to loosen their grip on your life, then your innate worthiness, lovability and self-trust can flourish

**3. For those stories that are deeply ingrained, hidden and seem almost impossible to decode, tools like hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT are powerful to effectively reframe old stories, giving you the freedom and empowerment to create the life you were born to live.

**Ready to Rewrite Your Story?**

Consider Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), a dynamic tool incorporating hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and more, that dives deep into your subconscious to unearth the roots of old outdated narratives, understand the wisdom behind self-doubt and other limiting beliefs, and reconnect to your innate boundless potential. It's like hitting the refresh button on your inner book, upgrading your inner software, allowing you to write a new, empowering chapter.

If you're intrigued by the idea of letting go of those old narratives and stepping into the light of your true potential, I invite you to book a complimentary call with me to explore how Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) can help you unravel the roots of your old stories and set you free to soar to new heights in life.

Your story is not set in stone, and your past does not define your future. It's time to become the author of your own narrative, crafting a tale that aligns with your dreams and aspirations. Remember, the journey begins with the willingness to let go, to understand, and to transform. Let's embark on this transformation together. Your new chapter is waiting to be written.

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