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Some last words on 2023...

Congratulations! We did it!

Sir, what a wild ride we’ve had.  Let’s pause for a sec, and hold each other in a moment of recognition of how it really was...

Let's give ourselves a well deserved pat on the back, and call it complete. Done.

Good job 2023, thank you for everything!


It’s so interesting how freeing it is to have completion in our lives, and how little we practice it. We quickly move on to the next, especially when it's been rough.

But, hold on... 

As I reflect on my 2023 journey, I have come to know and hold space for struggles of many many kinds.  I am truly in awe at those who've managed to move through life carrying such heavy weights on their spirit, and still show up and do their very best (you know who you are)... I realize what a privilege it’s been to support healing and transformation. And I also recognize what an honor it's been to appreciate the struggles that have brought them to the pivotal moments when they say "enough of this, I deserve better".

Struggles do that. A series of challenges that creatively lead us to triumphs and great treasures, shaping us into the incredibly resilient beings we have the capacity to become. 


Besides, life is a struggle.  Let’s own it, embrace it, and allow it to birth whatever we want to midwife into our reality.  Because that is the goal of struggles, in my opinion.


Struggles make life worth living.  Look at babies, what unthinkable struggle they endure to be born. And just moments later they sleep so peacefully. Look at seeds, how they must break themselves apart to allow plants to come to life and feed us, oxygenate our air and beautify our world.  

Struggles are not the problem. It’s the meaning we attach to them, which we unconsciously hold on to, that creates unnecessary pain.   

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, I invite you to look back at 2023 with gratitude for the struggles that have shaped you. Embrace the person you've become and honor the wisdom gained through each experience.

And if you'd like something to guide you, bring completion to this massive journey of growth by reflecting on the following: 


✨What is gift is being created out of my struggles? 

✨What have I learned, what else can I learn, and who am I becoming in the process? 


✨What is possible for me and for my world, when I show up as that new version of me?


✨If I die tomorrow, I could care less about _____. Fill in the blank with what you know is truly irrelevant and obsolete, to create space for what makes you feel alive. It is time.

Feel free to comment below your reflections!


Let's bow to 2023 with a powerful shift in perspective: focusing not on problems and the strive to overcome them, but on the strength, resilience and understanding we've gained for being in the game of life. For it’s in moments of struggle that we discover the extent of our capacity, the depth of our wisdom, and the huge impact they have in birthing the new and updated version of a life worth living. Struggles and all.


So as we offer 2023 our final glances, let’s bring peace and acceptance to what is.

The battle is over.

Let’s put down the sword of resistance and breathe in grace, serenity and wisdom 

"...I love you, I respect you, I embrace you, I thank you, I'm sorry, I thought you were messing with me - I kinda get it, please forgive me, I am listening…"*  

And whenever ready, let's kiss 2023 good-bye with reverence and gratitude, and turn around towards 2024 with our head held high, spirit clean, clear and knowing we are more than capable to make it the most meaningful year.  


Here’s to another cycle of life, love, community, struggles, victories, giving and receiving!! Wishing you a peaceful end to one heck of a year, a reflective transition, and a joyous beginning to 2024. 

Thank you for being in my life!

With love and gratitude,


*A Claudiafied version of the Ho'oponopono Prayer

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