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Winning the Hashtag Game

In my ambivalent relationship with social media, I watch in awe at how hashtags have become the gatekeepers of visibility, influencing trends and what becomes available to the masses.

When looking at the vast spectrum within our individual life experience, who rules what becomes visible and available to each of us?

Hashtags are powerful cyberspace identifiers with mindblowing capacity to turn ordinary posts into viral sensations. How can a simple little symbol followed by a short word or phrase be so incredibly life changing? Somebody in the world of computers, algorythmns and AI knows their stuff, and they're using it to someone's advantage...

And here's the kicker: just like that, your subconscious perspective creates your own set of hashtags. And they are running what comes to you and what doesnt. Often times, unconsciously.

In other words, consider yourself the social media guru of your destiny, and your inner hashtags are your trending topics. If your default tag is

what is that attracting into your life?

You matter dear friend... And you deserve better just for being you...

Just like changing a hashtag to boost a post, if this is you, it's time to switch up your inner dialogue to boost your life, and get a serious upgrade to #SuccessStory.

Laugh in the face of #BadLuck with a hearty #LuckyMe or #ICreateMyLuck

Shake off the #whyme? and embrace the #ICANDOIT! with all the F words!!

Embracing the power of #GreatVibes and #AbundantPossibilities might be the thing to take your life from #meh to #OMG!

See this as: your subconscious = your own 'innernet' community. If it's operating with old and outdated hashtags, it's derailing you for your current aspirations, desires, opportunities, relationships... Is it time for a revamp?!

Changing your life's hashtags isn't just a mere mood boost, although it might feel like that initially; do it enough times, and just like in the social media platforms, it'll be a total game-changer.

So, what's your new hashtag?

If you're stuck in #Soundsgoodbut or #Cantshakeitoff,

please know

and I also believe that #YouAreTheGift you've been searching for, and can do anything you dream of.

The choice is yours—own it and watch your life feed become a place you love to linger in, attracting and creating more of what you really want.

And if you need help believing the things you know you want to believe, let go of the #ughhh and elevate to the #WOW, book your Total Breakthrough Complimentary Call with yours truly to #UpgradeYourHashtag, and upgrade your life.

Thank you. Happy to help! Your biggest fan,


PS: the "I Can Do It" reboot program is a fast track to mental power and freedom to revamp a life worth living - it only takes a few weeks. May be just the right thing to get you started. Find out how here, and use the code ICANDOIT for a ridicously awesome discount only for the first 10 clients to book.

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